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Nuyorktricity is a full service production company based in Los Angeles, California servicing the art and entertainment industries. Headed by husband and wife team, Mike and Moni Vargas, Nuyorktricity brings an artistic aesthetic to projects and personal attention to clients in the theatrical, television, home entertainment, music and creative fields.


 “Audrey’s Poem” - Trailer

1:00 Min.

Nuyorktricity Films

A story about healing one line at a time.

Writer / Director: Moni Vargas

Editor: Mike Vargas

 “HEY BOO” - Short Film

1:00 Min.

Nuyorktricity Films

Self love, until it hurts. 

Writer / Director / Editor: Mike Vargas

Shot by: Moni Vargas

 “To Be Loved” - Short Film

1:00 Min.

Nuyorktricity Films

A look into what happens when a perfect song sends you off into a new dimension. 

Editor: Mike Vargas

 “PLUS” - Short Film

1:26 Min.

Nuyorktricity Films

On the eve of one of the biggest nights of their life, a couple of friends go through the highs and lows of this life changing moment.

Producer / Director / Editor: Mike Vargas